S2members registration form and custom fields not saving

Today I was trying to customize the registration form of S2members plugin for wordpress and add some extra custom fields in it as my client requested. Why should this be easy? It should… theoretically, but it wasn’t. No matter what kind of custom field I wanted to add, when I clicked on “save”, the page was not reacting. If I clicked on “save” again, I was getting a notification that “another field with the same unique name, is already added”.

What now?

Luckily, there is a solution to this issue (or else I wouldn’t make this post). Fire up your ftp and locate the root folder of the s2members plugin. There you will find its own .htaccess file. Download it and open it with a text editor. Inside it, comment each line of it (should be arounf 4 lines). To comment out, put infront of the first word of each line a hashtag (#). Without a gap between the # and the word. Save and re-upload the htaccess where you found it.

And problem solved!