Opacity fix in Cloud Carousel rear images

Cloud Carousel is a cool way to present images online, I wonder why it isn’t used more often. Anyway, tastes differ but that’s not the topic of this post. First of all congratulations to Professor Cloud who created this wonderful script. You can find his page here: http://www.professorcloud.com.

However, as “absolutely flawless” doesn’t exist in this universe, and one reason for this is because tastes differ…, my girlfriend suggested that perhaps it would look better if the rear images had less opacity than the front ones. I liked her criticism and because I am not a programmer myself (I am learning though..), after viewing the code and had no clue what to add inside it, I turned to google and voila…. the solution:

Inside the cloud-carousel script file one can find the line:

h = img.height = item.orgHeight * scale;

directly below it add the line:

$(img).css({'opacity':scale * scale * 1.2});

And it works perfectly. Cudos go to http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8172335/opacity-into-cloud-carousel. Simple and quick.

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