My theme doesn’t work as it should after wordpress update or jquery easing issue in Chrome

I noticed that since a couple of weeks some wordpress sites I developed in the past or some I am working on now started to have some problems. Images wouldn’t popup in a lightbox as they used to, smooth scrolling was no more, mouse hovering over images would brake the cool theme’s overlay over them, slideshow navigation wouldn’t work anymore. And that my dear reader, happened only in chrome browser for some reason. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, all worked well but the Chrome browser? No, the site in Chrome would have problems.
Now, I am not a programmer, my strength is design, I know some very basic things in programming and I can deffinetely dive into the code and make some alterations, but not great things. Anyhow, using the chrome debugger I noticed the following error:

Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function

Great!  The error was coming from the easing.js file. Also, the error was happening again and again and the debugger was counting and counting instances while my laptop’s fans were working overtime.

So, what to do? I am sure that if you are a skilled programmer you already know what there is to do and if you are reading this post, you probably are laughing with me and my ignorance. I respect that. But, if you are like me, that is, not afraid to open a .js or .php file and play around in some extend, then there is a solution that seems to do the trick. So, first of all, locate through the debugger, where this easing.js file is located. Through your ftp, go to that folder, download it and edit it (don’t forget to back it up somewhere in case you do something wrong). The edit is simple, wrap ALL the code part (don’t include any comments that exist in the top and/or the bottom of the file) with this:

$(document).ready(function() {

Of course you replace the 3 dots (…) with the actual code of the easing.js file.

The reason why the site’s behaviour brakes is most probably due to the fact that jquery is being loaded multiple times, once from wordpress, and then from other plugins. I don’t understand why before wordpress 3.9, there weren’t such problems, but since wordpress version 3.9, such problems started to appear with the chrome browser.

Also, try to deactivate any unnecessary plugins that may be loading jquery. But editing easing.js with the above method should do the trick, well at least in most cases.

Feel free to comment or correct me if I am saying something wrong in this post 🙂


There is another reason why chrome doesn’t play well with wordpress sites. Actually my own site as well started to behave strangely (no lightbox popups and some other issues). And I know that I don’t use the easing.js script in my site. Aaaaaaaaaaaand the culprit was PageXray, yes, a chrome extension that allows to view what kind of technology each site is based on. I don’t know why but I thought to try disabling it after seing my simple html site behave wrongly. After deactivation …. tadaaa, problem solved. MERCY.

Anyhow, if you have this extension installed, and you see problems in your websites, try to deactivate it… Btw, the above mentioned solution, before the edit, is still valid, and maybe it can help in other similar problems, but for me, disabling pagexray extension deffinetely solved the issue.

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