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Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. 


So true!!! Since I started working as a freelance webdesigner I stopped resenting Mondays. I love spending my free time finding inspiration in the internet, in portfolios of other designers, in art, even in the streets. Photoshop and Illustrator are my favorite tools.

Yes I have a PhD (in human genetics). But for over 5 years I found my true calling in webdesign and have worked on projects such as: Design and development of sited from the beginning till the end (html / css sites, php and wordpress based sites)

  • Development of sites from a given mockup.
  • Fixing issues in sites developed by other people.
  • Improvement suggestions for user experiene and facilitation of site use.
  • Graphic work, icon creation, logo design, image editing.

I have also worked on design projects such as design of business cards, custom credit cards, flyers, banners etc.

Since 2018 Frontend Developer

xQuer Group

Since 2011 Web designer


2011-2015 Website Manager

E2 architects

2010 - 2011 Internet Assessor




2002 - 2005 Phd Thesis: ‘Cis – acting elements controlling the expression of the human GLI3 gene’

Institute of Human Genetics, Department of Biology, Philipps University Marburg

2004 Scientific assistant under the supervision of Dr. De Graaff E

Department of Clinical Genetics, Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2001 - 2002 Diploma thesis: ‘Study of the lipoprotein gene of the land crab Potamon potamios‘

University of Crete, Biology department


.CMS Sites


WordPress based site for a consulting agency for pharmacists


Bilingual wordpress based site. Features advanced search of references


WordPress based site for a dentist


Complete redesign of an existing site. Based on twenty twelve wordpress theme, goal was to freshen the look and functionality of the site. Lots of image editing with photoshop. Shop part of website was NOT part of this project.


Ahakonferenz is wordpress site which I redesigned from scratch and developed myself modifying one of the default free wordpress themes (twenty-twelve)

Irene Rojnik

Design and development in wordpress. Again, a simple and clean look was decided for this project


One of my first websites. Work included design and development into wordpress.

Kapousidis Tyres

Site in greek language. Design and development into wordpress as well as lots of image editing by me.


Design was provided as a mockup and I converted it into a wordpress site.

Alp Network

Design and development of whole site. The goal was to create a clean and simple site on wordpress.

Compel Graphics

Compel Graphics is a simple wordpress site. My task was to design and code it. Retro-ish look for a photographer that works on restoring old photos

Mike and Vicki

Mike and Vicki is a project for teenagers and teachers in Canada. It is a wordpress site with heavily custom coded pages.

Kalliniki Shoes

Kalliniki is a woocommerce based site. Website design and some image editing have been done by me. Payment method with credit cards through Alpha Bank integrated.


.HTML / PHP Sites


Beautycian site in greek language. Site is based on bootstrap framework. Design and development by me.

What is the Sparking

A special project, based on html/css. Simple, 3 step website, which main purpose is to serve as a “brochure” to advertise a book.


Studio 2525 is about to revolutionize the design of clamshell smartphones. Design, development, graphic work all done by me.



Custom Facebook Cover

Another collage for a facebook cover photo of greek chef Diane Kochilas

Custom Facebook Cover

Custom collage of different images assembled in a custom design for a facebook cover photo

Book cover Design

Custom design of a spiral book cover. Inner pages were also part of this project

Postcard Design

Custom postcard design for an educational conference

Postcard Design

Custom postcard design

Postcard Design

Custom postcard design

Image editing

Combination of two different images to create one image showing money in a pocket (inside a monitor…)

Image editing

Custom image editing for a website

Image editing

Special photoshop scripts applied to make images look like books

Image editing

Image editing for personal financial growth guidelines

Website Mockup

Another mockup for the same web solutions site

Website Mockup

A mockup for a web solutions site

Movie Posters

A collection of various movie posters

Banner for Fetishwear

For adult themed shops, custom banners can deffinetely boost your sales

Christmas Facebook Banner

This is a case of a custom design for the facebook cover photo. Christmas themed…

Birthday Card

Customer wanted a custom birthday card for her 50th birthday.

Wedding Invitation

A clean and simple design for the wedding invitation card. Why shouldn’t you put your personal touch to your wedding?

Credit Card Design

This is a collection of various custom designs for credit cards. Yes, you can have customized credit cards, ask your financial institute

Business Cards

A small collection of various custom designed business cards

Logo Collection

Various Logos designed for different websites

zisis paparidis is a Goddess!

Zisis is brilliant! He customized my website to make it look phenomenal. He did so fast and did all the design work such as logo as well. There were challenges that I didn’t think other website developers would even be able to tackle but he knew what he was doing and did an excellent job.

Zisis Paparidis does great work. He is articulate, knowledgeable, hard working, tasteful, and good natured. You can’t do better.

Was an excellent job and done real quick. Zisis Paparidis knows what he’s doing and does it well. I will surely be hiring him for any more WP related jobs I have. Also very impressed by his execution of the responsive theme.

Excellent communication, respected the dead lines and the quality of his work really worths 5 stars. Highly recommended!

Zisis Paparidis does amazing work! His response to every change and request was prompt and perfect every time. He has great communication skills and a great imagination. Even with limited resources and without a fully defined outline of the site, Zisis Paparidis knew exactly what was needed!

Zisis is extremely easy to work with, proactive and gets things done. Thanks!


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