Integrate Facebook Save Button to your wordpress posts without a plugin

Yes, of course there are plugins that can do this for you. But if you are like me, you certainly prefer to avoid plugins as much as possible? Why? Although plugins are very helpful, especially if your programming skills aren’t the best, if you can do something simple without a plugin, better do it by […]

Assigning a “current” class in wordpress main menu links for single page websites

Single page websites look really cool. Ok, they are not always helpful, especially for sites with lots of content, but if the scope of the site is to present simple information about a person, a product or a small company, then single page websites are a great choice. What if you want to avoid purchasing […]

Advanced post slider for wordpress and read more link to excerpts

Advanced post slider is a wonderful plugin that allows you to display not only excerpts from posts but also from pages as a slideshow wherever you want through shortcodes (perfect for homepage for example). Everything is nice and customizable but it bugged me that there was no option to insert a “Read more” link or […]

Show posts from Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in your WordPress blog

There are various tutorials on how to connect your WordPress blog with social media, so that a blog post is automatically posted in your facebook, google plus, etc… accounts. But what happens if you want to do the opposite? That is, whenever you write something in facebook or other social platforms, these posts display themselves […]

S2members registration form and custom fields not saving

Today I was trying to customize the registration form of S2members plugin for wordpress and add some extra custom fields in it as my client requested. Why should this be easy? It should… theoretically, but it wasn’t. No matter what kind of custom field I wanted to add, when I clicked on “save”, the page […]

WordPress page switches to quirks mode if viewed in ie9. Why?

Today I encountered a strange issue. I was working on a wordpress site for which I created a new wordpress page template for my homepage. When I tested the page in Internet Explorer and tried to view it in earlier versions of ie (I have version 10), the document mode was switching to quirks mode […]

WordPress “read more” button not working – easy fix

Working on a wordpress site that required 3 different “blog” pages, everything went well until my customer said: “Hey, the read more button doesn’t work”. Cool… I thought. The usual approach to such problems, search the internet for solutions, and lucky me, I found an easy fix. So, what you have to do is edit […]

Add a drop down menu to display posts from a specific category in a wordpress site

Sometimes there is the need to have somewhere in your wordpress site a drop down menu with posts from your blog. If you want to do this for posts from a specific category there is a pretty easy way. The code for it is <form action=”<? bloginfo(‘url’); ?>” method=”get”> <select name=”page_id” id=”page_id”> <?php global $post; […]