Show posts from Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in your WordPress blog

There are various tutorials on how to connect your WordPress blog with social media, so that a blog post is automatically posted in your facebook, google plus, etc… accounts. But what happens if you want to do the opposite? That is, whenever you write something in facebook or other social platforms, these posts display themselves […]

internet explorer stylesheet conditionals make your page dissapear

Why not? That’s logical, isn’t it? No, relax. I am not sure if this is a general problem or it happened only to me. But of course where there is a problem, there is a solution. In my case, I was modifying an existing wordpress theme for a client and the homepage design required some […]

CSS3 submenu not appearing in iphone and ipad

So, I was working on a website and decided to implement a submenu which would become visible when the user hovers or activates a link in the main menu, using only css, no scripts. The structure of the menu is a simple ul list and the one of the submenu a nested ul list. Below […]

Dreamweaver CS5.5 and validation of a checkbox and a dropdown menu in a form

It is true that the form validator of dreamweaver is very helpful in adding a simple validation for each of its elements, unfortunately it is limited in textboxes or textareas. So if you want to validate let’s say a checkbox, to see if it is checked or not, then your only solution is to program […]

Opacity fix in Cloud Carousel rear images

Cloud Carousel is a cool way to present images online, I wonder why it isn’t used more often. Anyway, tastes differ but that’s not the topic of this post. First of all congratulations to Professor Cloud who created this wonderful script. You can find his page here: However, as “absolutely flawless” doesn’t exist in […]